This way your iPhone can help you while you work at home


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With many people committed to staying at home in most countries of the world to curb the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the home-based business method is now the main thrust of many companies. But people who are not used to this method may have difficulty concentrating, and here your iPhone can help you with that.IPhone can be a double-edged sword for productivity. With so many dispersal factors like games, social media, and video streaming services, it’s so easy to waste many hours of your time devoted to work from home. But when used correctly, you can save a lot of time.

Here are 5 ways to help you turn your iPhone into a productivity tool while working from home:

1- Activate the “App Limits” feature

The App Limits feature within the Screen Time option allows you to set a daily schedule for specific applications, and you can find it through the following steps:
Go to “Settings” in the iPhone.
• Click on Screen Time.
• Click on App Limits.
• Click on the “Add Limit” option, here you will see a list of the categories of applications currently installed in the iPhone, where you can restrict the use of all current applications and future applications belonging to a category for a specific period each day, and you can also click on the category to view its applications and restrict some of its applications independently.
• Click “Next”.
After selecting the time frame, select “Customize Days” to set usage during the workweek.
• Click on “Add”.

2- Set a telephone downtime

Downtime feature allows you to set a phone downtime and activate access to some applications only during this period. This command applies to all devices that use an iCloud account. To access this feature, follow these steps:
Go to Settings.
• Click on the “Screen Time” option.
• Click on “Downtime”.
• Here you can set the time to daily or per day at once.
• Go back to “Screen Time” again and select “Always Allowed”.
• Add or delete applications. You can also add the contacts you want to make available always during the downtime.

3- Use the Bluetooth keyboard to type faster

If your job requires you to spend long hours using an iPhone because you are unable to use a computer at the present time, you can purchase a Bluetooth keyboard to carry out tasks that require typing faster.
4- Use a Bluetooth mouse to move quickly

One of the latest features in iOS13 is official mouse support. Thus when combined with the keyboard, you can turn your iPhone into a small computer, and enjoy a comfortable typing, clicking and swiping experience, without having to touch the phone screen.
5- Connecting the phone to an external screen

If you have a smart TV screen, you can connect an iPhone to enlarge the screen, and thus this will make it easier to use the iPhone as a home device, as you can see the content on a larger screen, and all you need to do this is a Lightning to Digital AV adapter and HDMI cable.