What are the destructive symbols and letters in the WhatsApp message?

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Internet experts have warned of a new “crash code” that will destroy the world-famous “WhatsApp” application, so much so that you will need to reinstall the messaging service to be able to return to your conversations.

The “crash code” was discovered by experts on the “WABetaInfo” website, which specializes in searching for unannounced experimental updates for the most popular applications and programs.

Experts said: “A contact may send a message that contains many strange symbols and letters. If you read it in full, it does not make sense, but” WhatsApp “may interpret the message in a wrong way, and sometimes WhatsApp is not able to display the message completely, because its structure is very strange. : The combination of these letters creates a situation in which the application is unable to process the message, which leads to an infinite failure. The infinite crash means that when you open “WhatsApp” it will suffer a malfunction, and if you try to open the application again, it will still crash. ”

The “crash code” in its code structure is similar to the one that affected iMessage users earlier this year.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect yourself from friends who think they are “funny” by sending the code to your smartphone.

Ray Walsh, a digital privacy expert at ProPrivacy, revealed: “To help protect themselves, all WhatsApp users should switch to their settings to change” who can add me to groups “, from the” everyone “option to” private contacts. ” “This will reduce the risk of adding them to a group used to pass the malicious message.”

Anyone who discovers that he has received a message containing a long string of random characters is advised to log into the application service on the Internet “WhatsApp Web” to block the sender and delete the message and change the privacy settings to “my contacts” or “my contacts” except..”. This should allow anyone to reinstall the app and fix the problem.

A spokesperson for the Facebook-owned messaging service told Express: “WhatsApp has already released a patch that addresses this bug in the latest iOS update. With any technical product, users are strongly encouraged. To update their messaging application and mobile operating system, and download updates whenever available. ”

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