What did Luis Enrique say about the 6-0 victory against Germany

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Luis Enrique, the coach of the Spanish national football team, showed great happiness and praised his players tremendously after the crushing victory of the national team against his German counterpart 6 – 0 Tuesday evening.

The Spanish national team qualified for the semi-finals of the second edition of the European Nations League, with a sweeping and historic victory over its German counterpart in the last sixth round of Group D matches in the first division of the tournament.

The Spanish national team benefited from three goal (hattrick) by young player Ferran Torres (20 years), to sweep his German guest with six clean goals and to be the worst defeat for the latter since 1931.

Enrique, 50, said after the match: “I am very happy with this result achieved by the players, I would like to say that everyone in the team contributed to this success, without shining light on anyone, because winning over a team like Germany requires teamwork from everyone.” The match went perfectly, and every element participated and fulfilled their mission.

He continued: The German national team paid the best squad, and I think we played very well from the start. It was one of the team’s best matches, with tremendous happiness and joy over this victory, which is so important given that it was achieved in a great match.

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