What is the secret behind Bayern star Robert Lewandowski?

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Polish star Robert Lewandowski scored 59 goals during 52 games with Bayern Munich this season in all competitions, and once again proved his place among the world’s elite attackers. These numbers are likely to increase due to the number of interviews remaining for the Bavarian team in various competitions until the end of the current season.
Lewandowski statistics
These figures mask a strict regime of the 31-year-old striker, who revealed some of his details in an interview with France Football in two weeks.

Lewandowski explained that he derives his strength from his experience and practicing a number of sports, such as his participation in judo competitions before soccer professionalism, but he considers that the greatest credit is due to his wife, former karate champion, who has become a nutrition expert.

The Polish striker said that his wife had put him in a special diet that allowed him to quickly regain his strength after each match, and gave him the energy necessary to run and participate in training.

He considered that the daily follow-up that he receives and the constant dialogue about the small details with his wife make a difference and allow him to appear in the best way during the matches with the Bavarian club.

Lewandowski indicated that he is keen to adhere to special instructions during the day of the match, and this includes, for example, not eating meat, and focusing on foods that provide him with the energy needed to play matches.

Lewandowski scored 246 goals in 299 games for Bayern Munich since joining the Bavarian club from Borussia Dortmund in 2014, and he managed to score at least 40 goals for the fifth consecutive season.

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