What to do if you lose your phone while in silent mode

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Perhaps you were somewhere and had to put your phone in silent mode in order not to disturb you with the many social media message tones or unnecessary call rings, then I got busy with something and forgot where to put your phone, and I remembered that it doesn’t help to call him from another phone because you will not hear his ring So what do you do in this case?
Finding your silent phone is not an impossible task, and depending on the type of your phone you can follow one of the following two methods to find it:
If your phone is Android
To find your phone, you must first meet the following conditions:
– to be working.
You have an active Google account.
– The phone is connected to the Internet, whether via Wi-Fi or mobile data.
– The geolocation feature is enabled.
– The “Find my device” feature is enabled (the latter can be accessed by heading to “Settings” then “Security and Location” then “Find my device” and select “Locate this device remotely”).
On some Samsung phones, this option is called the “Google Site Service”, and it allows the Google Site Service to provide more accurate information about the location of your device.
How to locate your silent phone
If the above conditions are met, head to www.google.com/android/find and log in with a Gmail email account.
Then choose the device you want to find (if you are using more than one).
The last step is to choose “play sound”, and the phone will start ringing for five minutes even if it is in silent mode.
If your phone is an iPhone
Apple also allows users to play audio on their phones through the “Find iPhone” option available on the iCloud service, by following these steps:
Go to icloud.com/find and log in.
– Click on the “Search” button.
– Choose an iPhone under the “All devices” menu.
– Choose “Play Sound”.
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