WhatsApp launches in ephemeral messages

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WhatsApp, the messaging app, has a new option allowing its users to send temporary messages, which will disappear after a week.

Once enabled, this feature will automatically delete messages seven days after they are sent and will be available to both parties during an individual chat, but only to the administrator in the case of a group chat, explains WhatsApp in a blog post.

“Our goal is to make conversations on WhatsApp as close as possible to in-person conversations, which means there is no need to keep track of them forever,” the platform said on its blog.

Note that the photos and videos sent will also be deleted but will remain saved in the phone library if the media backup option is enabled. However, it will still be possible to take screenshots or “copy and paste” the messages.

The deployment of ephemeral messages will be done gradually throughout November, everywhere globally. WhatsApp specifies, however, that messages sent before the activation of this new setting are not affected and will not be deleted.