WhatsApp tests two features as long as users wait for them.

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The popular messaging app WhatsApp is testing new features in the upcoming update, the most important of which may be enabling users to ignore unwanted groups indefinitely, in addition to the ability to use the application on multiple devices instead of one device.

Junk silence
The current version of WhatsApp allows users to ignore groups for different time periods. Options in earlier versions are limited to 8 hours, one week, or one year.

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that may be useful to people in unwanted groups who cannot leave for some reason. This new feature will allow users to ignore groups indefinitely, as the instant messaging platform will give users the option “Always” if they want to permanently ignore a group.

The new feature was discovered by “WABetaInfo”, which tracks WhatsApp features presented in the beta of the application.

The site claims that the new feature is “underdevelopment” and is expected to be available in future updates. The new “always” feature will help WhatsApp users to turn off continuous notifications from groups with a large number of members.

An account for multiple devices
One of the biggest drawbacks of WhatsApp is restricting access to a user’s account from multiple devices at the same time. Unlike other messaging applications, it is difficult for WhatsApp users to send a text from the phone and pick up a tablet device to join a video call, then respond in a group conversation from the laptop.

For a long time, users of the world’s most popular chat app waited for an option allowing them to access conversations on two or more devices. And now, after years of patience, it seems that the dream can be more of a fulfillment.

The WabitaInfo website said WhatsApp is testing a new feature called “Linked Devices”, which allows users to use their accounts on any phones, tablets, and laptop computers.

Details on how the Connected Devices feature works are unclear, but Wabita Info says it will be available only to 4 devices.

However, this is a significant improvement over what is now available, and should finally mean that it is easy to add a WhatsApp account to a business phone or iPad.

This is not the first time that WhatsApp has been rumored to feature on multiple devices in a beta test.

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