When is the best time to run to burn fat?

It is best to do initial warm-ups before exercising to avoid muscle injuries.

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Getting up early for a jog requires a dose of stimulation, and doing so on an empty stomach requires more stimulation. Is it the best way to burn body fat and lose weight?

In this report, which was published in the French newspaper “Le Figaro“, Seven Ree presented what Olivier Giard, a sports medicine specialist and a fitness coach, said about whether running on an empty stomach is beneficial for burning fat effectively.

The fitness trainer stated, “The body has 3 sources of energy from which it derives energy: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Usually, carbohydrates are the first energy source that the body turns to because they are easy to process. After processing all carbohydrates after a period of fasting, the body resorts to burning its fat stores.”

Jared explained that the body burns 50% of fat while jogging after fasting – abstaining from eating – for more than 10 hours, compared to only 30% if a person eats breakfast.

Jogging on an empty stomach for more than an hour

It would be naive to think that running for two hours right after you wake up helps you get a flat stomach in 3 weeks. And says sports doctor Jean-Christophe Moneo, “Running on an empty stomach is not a magic formula for losing weight, because getting rid of fat requires a balanced diet.”

Excessive running on an empty stomach can have some damage to the body. “Running for more than an hour and doubling down on effort leads to a depletion of the body’s muscle protein stores, which negatively affects muscle health,” Munio warns.

Jared goes further by stressing the need not to double the effort, because spending more than an hour doubles the risks, and may lead to damage to muscle tissue, and during the fat burning process the body produces substances harmful to the kidneys.

The specialist advises practicing this sport once or twice a week, provided that the duration of the exercise does not exceed 20 or 30 minutes at the beginning, and then gradually increase it. And during the run, you should breathe regularly so that your breath does not go away.

A balanced breakfast

A balanced breakfast

It is imperative to moisturize the body well before exercising to avoid injuries. Munio also recommends eating a sweet snack, such as some raisins, a piece of sugar, or a banana, to prevent hypoglycemia.

After you finish running, it is imperative to eat a balanced breakfast that includes fruits, proteins and bread in order to provide the necessary nutrients to the body.

In this regard, Jared advises to “eat within 30 minutes of the end of the exercise because the body is at that time able to absorb carbohydrates and proteins better.” This period is called the “metabolic window” that allows the body to digest and absorb more nutrients and not Stored.

Source: Lefigaro

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