Will Suarez repeat David Villa’s achievement and slap Barcelona?

He scored 16 goals in 18 matches, beating Lionel Messi...Will Luis Suarez repeat David Villa's achievement and slap Barcelona?

When Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez arrived at Atletico Madrid last summer, opinions were divided about whether or not he could succeed, but he exceeded expectations and reached the peak of his brilliance, approaching his team’s dream of winning the League title, and topping the top scorers, beating everyone, including sniper Lionel Messi.

Analysts believe that the striker – who turned 34 years old in January – was far from what Argentine coach Diego Simeone wanted, especially since Atletico Madrid’s playing style relies on high balls, and Suárez finds it difficult to follow high balls and contact defenders.

After 21 matches, Suarez has 16 goals scored in 18 games, and in the event that Atletico Madrid beat Levante on Wednesday, the team will move 8 points away from Real Madrid, in second place, and the team has a postponed match, which may bring him closer to a dream. Coronation with the League title.

Perhaps the most prominent achievement of Suárez is that he surpasses all La Liga goal scorers, led by sniper Messi, his former friend in Barcelona, ​​by a goal.

Atletico Madrid scored 44 goals so far this season, which is twice the number of goals scored by the team in the same period last season, and the team followed a new method that suits Suarez’s characteristics.

Suarez’s goals came 16 through only 23 attempts, and the team’s impressive performance on the field made it easy for him, and he had many opportunities inside the penalty area, and he succeeded in scoring, beating any other goalscorer in the Spanish League so far.

Suarez did not score in the last game, which the team won at Granada’s expense, but Diego Simeone confirmed that Suarez’s real value exceeded his team’s goals.

Simeone said, “He never disappears in the match, and always plays smart, and helps us with his soccer intelligence, which is very important and useful for us.”

Spanish media reports stated that Suarez could leave the team for free next summer, despite signing a two-year contract when he left Barcelona last year.

It seems that things are currently heading towards the survival of Suarez with the team, but analysts relive memories of Atletico Madrid’s contract with David Villa, who came from Barcelona in 2013, when he signed a 3-year contract, but he played only one season with the team.

David Villa succeeded in one season in winning the league title at the expense of Barcelona, ​​and in the event that history repeated itself, and Suárez ended the season by winning the league championship, he may be able to raise his head high and prove the mistake of his former club.

Perhaps the crowning of Atletico in the local title and Suarez winning the “Pecichi” award would be the most telling response to Barcelona dismissing his services in a humiliating manner, whose history as the second goal scorer for the team after Messi was not taken into account.

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