Xavi’s Conditions for training Barcelona and requesting help from Puyol and Jordi Cruyff

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Xavi Hernandez, a former Barcelona star and current coach of the Qatari Al Sadd club, said he wanted to return to the Catalan club to take over technical leadership, but he set conditions for this.
Xavi, 40, spoke to the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” and said, “For me, it is very clear; I want to return to Barcelona and I am very excited about that. A few years ago, I had a respectable march with the club, but now I am a coach, and I know I can give some things to the players. “
The player – who defended the colors of the Catalan club between 1998 and 2005 – added, “I made it clear (to Barcelona officials) that I will start a project from scratch, and I want to be the one who makes the decisions.”
He indicated that he was not bothered to reveal the negotiations that he brought together with the Barcelona administration to lead the team last January, and he said, “I have no problem; I am not hiding, nor retreating. I would just like to work with people I trust, have loyalty, and people Efficient. There can be no negative atmosphere around the dressing rooms. “
Barcelona Sports Director Eric Abidal and General Manager Oscar Grau had met earlier this year with Xavi in ​​Doha and offered him to fulfill his “dream” of training Barcelona through the succession of Ernesto Valverde, but the former international midfielder asked for some time to study the show before he refused after the offer.
Xavi hinted in his speech to the formation of his technical staff in the event of receiving the Barcelona training, and said, “We are talking about Carles Puyol, who was the leader of Barcelona, ​​and Jordi Cruyff, who is a very good negotiator, and he has a lot of experience technically. I have a real team spirit; I do not want to decide on my own Here (in Al Sadd Club) decisions are made with the technical staff and in agreement. “
He also stressed that the return of the Brazilian international striker Neymar – who Barcelona failed to restore services last summer from Paris Saint-Germain – will be an “amazing addition.”
“Most of the team is amazing, the base is very good. I would like to sign strikers like Neymar, I have no doubt that it will be an amazing deal,” he said.
And Xavi has repeatedly stressed that Barcelona training is a “dream” for him, as he spent the vast majority of his football career with the Catalan club, before finishing it with a player with the dam, and assuming his technical management starting from the summer of 2019.
Xavi won with Barcelona a series of titles, most notably the Champions League four times, and the Spanish League eight times. The former midfielder was also among the golden generation of Spanish football and contributed to the team winning the 2010 World Cup and European Cup 2008 and 2012.
Source: Agencies