Your bank details in danger! Be careful if you receive this SMS

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More and more ingenious, crooks use many means to steal your personal data . In this period when online orders are exploding, the parcel scam is making a comeback with the emergence of an additional danger. Find out how not to be fooled!

The parcel scam is back

While online orders are exploding because of the Coronavirus, scammers are taking the opportunity to come out and modernize the parcel scam. The objective is not to steal your order, but to steal your bank details with a simple SMS. Ingenious, hackers pass themselves off as a parcel carrier site and send you a simple delivery SMS.

However, if you open the latter and click on the link , you are delivering your bank details on a silver platter. Indeed, the SMS asks you to download an application that allows you to follow the progress of your delivery. However, clicking on the link available in the message instead of going to the official store of your smartphone, amounts to granting many rights to the scammer …

Parcel scam: how to get rid of this virus?

By going through your browser, the hacker therefore has access to your location, your contacts, your SMS and your bank codes. In other words, it is malicious program that stays in your phone and constantly monitors you. Worse, Que Choisir reveals that “You will feel like you are logging into your bank, but it is actually a copy of its application. It will of course not ask you for biometric authentication (via the fingerprint sensor or Face ID) since its goal is to retrieve the bank details that you are going to type ” , reveals Bastien Bobe,technical director at Lookout.

Hackers can therefore use your bank account and add as many beneficiaries as they want. If you are the victim of this parcel scam, download an antivirus for your phone.