Your body like the machine must move so it does not rust

Ph: Pixabay

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Movement is a means available to everyone in order to maintain good health, whether it is merely going to the market on foot, walking regularly, or wandering in the woods for hours, or exercising a sporting activity, every physical activity helps prevent diseases, because the body as a machine needs movement so that it does not “rust” “According to the Swiss website, Swiss-2020.

From this advice, the site set out to confirm that it is important not to stop any physical activity even for those who have chronic diseases, noting that 2.2 million Swiss suffer from non-infectious diseases such as diabetes, chronic respiratory problems or cardiovascular diseases, and 80% is spent on them Of health costs, about 50 billion Swiss francs (47 billion euros).

“Many patients think that they should avoid the effort because of their illness, considering that sport is dangerous, but that is not the case, so there is almost no disease,” says Dr. Christoph Dehnert, cardiologist and sports doctor at the Medbase examination center in Zurich. Exercise is beneficial for him, except during the acute phase. ”

The right sport
The site wondered what sport should one choose according to his condition? The doctor replies that one has to “think about the things he enjoys” if there are multiple choices, stressing that “endurance sports, such as running, cycling, swimming, hiking and skiing, have positive effects on cardiovascular disease, lung and metabolism” because they stimulate metabolic processes.

These sports prove to be beneficial to the functions of the organs and make the tissues of the blood vessels gain flexibility. They also help in regulating blood sugar, because “when a person exercises in exercise he returns his muscles to burn fat.”

In addition, endurance sports help outdoors to combat mental illness, because natural light stimulates the secretion of the hormone of happiness (Serotonin).

The doctor advises team sports such as group walking, saying, “Team spirit has a relaxing effect and team sport is enjoyable.”

Nordic walking is a fun and healthy activity (Pixabay)

For patients with diabetes or high blood pressure and heart, consult a doctor and exercise under his supervision.

For her part, Cornelia Caviglia, a physiotherapist at Medbase, considers movement a real magic potion at hand, whether it is preventive or associated with the hospitalization process.

The physiotherapist recommends setting a goal and talking about it to those around you, so giving it up is somewhat embarrassing, which imposes its respect, such as saying that you will travel this summer a large number of kilometers on a bike.

The expert also advises that one start a small work and then gradually increase it to feel pleased in the event of progress “when you set very ambitious goals and then you find yourself forced to reduce their pace after a week, it will be frustrating.”

And it warns against stopping the activity, noting the need to resume the exercise or activity from where you left off, just as you would brush your teeth if you stopped once.

And if one does not have time to exercise, the specialist advises him to make the movement part of his daily routine, such as walking to the office or riding a bicycle instead of using public transportation to reach the city.

Source: Swiss press