Zuckerberg falls into the trap of Nancy Pelosi … Does Facebook save him?

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Two weeks ago, the Facebook site refused to remove a fake video that shows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking strangely. Facebook justified his refusal that the video did not violate his policies to express themselves online freely.

In response to the company, two British artists issued a fake video of Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, to show how misinformation and misinformation can easily be disseminated over the Internet.

The video posted on the Facebook-owned Instagram photo-sharing site, Zuckerberg, speaks directly to the camera and prides itself on the bad motives behind the creation of its online empire.

The Zuckerberg figure in the video says, “Imagine this for one second: one man, who controls the data of billions of people full control, all their secrets, their lives, and their future”, adding “I owe the spectra who told me that those who control the information control the future.” And Spectra is a company trying to control On the world in the James Bond film series.

The video is fake. The artists wanted to test Facebook’s credibility in dealing with counterfeit news and whether the company will erase the video or leave it as it did with the Pelosi video.

The two artists behind the video, Bill Posters, and Daniel Hao, did not immediately respond to the New York Times’ requests for comment Tuesday evening.

The Instagram spokeswoman said that the fake video for Mark Zuckerberg would get the same treatment as Ms. Pelosi’s fake video and other false information.

“If the third-party fact-checkers put the wrong mark, we will filter them from Instagram recommendations such as exploration pages and tags,” the spokeswoman said.

Researchers are increasingly concerned that so-called deep learning technology can create “deep imaginary” videos, which are difficult to discern from the real.

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